Coping Up With Menopause

Menopause is one of the things that women have to deal with as they reach a certain age. For most women, it may be sometime in their mid-forties. To some, it may begin later or even earlier than that. Some can cope with it well while some seems to be quite bothered by the symptoms associated with it. Here are some of the ways that women may be able to cope up better with menopause when it does occur.

Consider Hormone Therapy

Menopause essentially occurs because of the hormonal changes that may be happening as a result of aging. One of the more effective ways of dealing with the bothersome menopausal symptoms is through hormone therapy. Menopausal women can take doses of estrogen or progestin to tame symptoms such as hot flashes, keep the bones strong, improve sleep patterns and remedy other menopausal symptoms.

Consult First Before Taking Pills

Some women may consider taking birth control pills to control some of the symptoms brought about by menopause. But considering them should require women to check up with their doctors first. Some pills might contain more estrogen or progestin than what is required for hormone therapy.

Know What Triggers Symptoms

In most women, symptoms associated with menopause can be triggered or worsened by other factors. It is important for women to know these triggers in order to cope better with menopause. If spicy foods, hot drinks or alcohol may be triggering the symptoms, then it is best for women to avoid them as much as possible.

Follow a Schedule

For menopausal women having trouble sleeping, sticking to the same sleep schedule daily would help one maintain a sleeping pattern and reduce sleep problems. Meals should also be eaten regularly, avoiding eating anything late at night. Caffeine and alcohol should also be avoided at nighttime.



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