Blindness Warning Signs

Blindness is a condition that people may dread happening to them. Eyes and vision is essential in order to appreciate life. Going sightless can have quite a negative impact on life. It is a condition that can usually be prevented by early detection.

In order to avoid blindness, it is important for people to know the initial signs that may lead to this unfortunate condition. There are certain warning signs that may show up in some people prior to blindness to set in. Here are some of them.

Flashing Vision

Some people can sometimes see flashing lights suddenly for no reason at all. They can look like tiny lightning bolts or strobes sensed in ones peripheral vision. It may indicate that the vitreous, a jelly like fluid filling the insides of the eye, may be somehow tugging at the eye and causing it to come lose from its normal position.

Shadow Spots

Another warning sign of possible blindness is seeing shadow spots. Some people may sense seeing shadows that may rise or drop over their normal field of vision. It can sometimes look like a gray curtain gradually covering one’s vision. This effect may indicate that the retina may be peeling away from the back of the retina.


There are times when people see the occasional spot or threadlike webs floating across their field of vision. The reason for this is because of the jelly like substance that fills the inside of the eye called the vitreous. The floaters are usually condensed strands of vitreous passing through the field of vision. A sudden occurrence of such floaters may indicate a retinal tear, especially if it happen as the person ages.



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