Surprising Things About Menstrual Periods

Women have to deal with their menstrual cycle almost on a regular basis. It is somehow a monthly ritual that many women don’t seem to welcome because of the bothersome symptoms that usually come with it. But on the other hand, there are some interesting things about a woman’s period that might prove quite helpful in the long run. Here are some of the more surprising facts.

First week of the menstrual cycle is a good time to start dieting.

During a woman’s first week of the menstrual cycle leads to hormonal changes that also results in women having lesser cravings to eat. According to a study, women during their first week of menstruation tend to eat 12 percent less than they usually do. This may be a good time to start on a diet to lose weight in order to take advantage of having lesser cravings for food.

Menstrual periods can cause women to mumble and stutter more.

During menstruation, progesterone production may affect with a woman’s verbal ability. This hormone, according to studies can make women stumble on their words more often. Progesterone can also cause some bloating as well as constipation. That is why it is important for women to take more fiber as well as water especially during their periods to stay regular.

PMS can be contagious. Men can get moody too.

Women undergoing PMS can get moody. Surprisingly, such mood swings can also be contagious. Men can sometimes also have their monthly bouts of being moody according to surveys. Although more studies and research may be required, some experts believe that men may also go through such monthly stages of mood swings just like women with PMS.

Menstrual periods can cause diarrhea.

Women having their periods also have to deal with diarrhea. It seems that the chemicals that trigger the uterus to contract to release blood can also trigger the intestine to contract, causing diarrhea in women.



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