Using Hand Sanitizers Effectively

Hand sanitizers are known to effective in trying to fight off germs that can cause people harm. But little do people know using hand sanitizers can only be as effective if people do use them effectively. Although they can kill harmful germs, its proper use is important in order for hand sanitizers to do their job. Here are some things that people should know about.

Hand sanitizers should at least have 60 percent or more alcohol content.

Just because some hand sanitizers offer to kill 99.9 percent of germs doesn’t mean that they may already be effective. It would be better to look at how much alcohol content it might contain. Hand sanitizers having 60 percent or more alcohol content is the most effective to use against harmful germs. Anything lesser than that would not be as effective.

Hand sanitizers don’t work well against oily and grimy hands.

Some people would think that hand sanitizers would work well in removing even grime and oil on the hands. But the opposite is actually true. Hand sanitizers are not effective in trying to kill the harmful germs found in grimy or oily hands. Water and soap is considered more effective in doing so.

Don’t use a towel or water after using a hand sanitizer.

Wiping your hands with a towel or washing it with water after using a hand sanitizer would not be a good idea. They would counteract the germ killing effect of hand sanitizers since the towel might introduce new germs into hands while water may wash off the alcohol meant to kill the germs on your hands. It would be better to use hand sanitizers alone and let it dry off on its own after rubbing them vigorously on the hands for about 20 to 30 seconds.



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