Cholesterol Levels May Affect Prostate Cancer Risk

Low cholesterol levels seems to be more associated with heart health. But recent research suggests that low cholesterol levels may also have an effect in lowering prostate cancer risks in men. Two studies seem to indicate that cholesterol levels may have an effect on such cancer risks.

One study done by researchers at the Johns Hopkins University which involved 5,586 men aged 55 and older belonging to the placebo group of another federal cancer prevention study started in the 1990’s. The study showed that cholesterol levels do not have an effect on men over 60 getting the more aggressive form of prostate cancer. But they also indicated that those men who had cholesterol levels under 200 are 59 percent less likely to develop this type of cancer.

This study may have certain things that have to be considered. The researchers did not know how many of the participants were taking statin drugs, which might have an effect on the cancer risk aside from just having low cholesterol levels.

Another study was done around a decade ago and involved 29,000 Finnish men smokers who were tested to see whether vitamins and other nutrients may lower cancer risks. The study found out that those with high HDL or good cholesterol levels were less likely to develop prostate cancer than those with the lowest HDL levels.

Although both these studies may have certain weaknesses to be considered definitive in the association of cholesterol levels and prostate cancer risks, they indeed may show that there is somewhat an indication that the relationship may be quite substantive. Further research may be needed in order for researchers to determine the relationship.