Steps to Add Years to Your Life

Adding years to your life seems to be such a challenging task to do. Some may see it as something difficult to achieve. But one must also realize that small changes in one’s daily lifestyle may contribute to add years to life. Diet is just but one aspect of it. Here are some other simple and easy steps that you can try out in order to add years into your life.

Eat more salads.

Eating more green, leafy vegetable salads can do a lot in increasing your life expectancy in case you decide to include it into your daily diet. Raw, green salads are more effective since further processing may diminish the nutrients that they contain. Eating even a cup of green salad a day can be enough to extend your life expectancy by two years, according ti Italian researchers. Make sure that you don’t forget to add a bit of dressing since the fat content in it can help boost the body’s absorption of certain nutrients found in your salad.

Add nuts into your diet.

Nuts have long been known to provide several health benefits. A regular diet of nuts which may include walnuts, almonds, pecans and peanuts can help increase your life expectancy by about three years. Eating 2 ounces of nuts a day may do the trick.

Have more friends.

People yearn for the company of friends most of the time. But who would have known that they can also help extend your life expectancy by about seven years? It seems to be true according to an Australian study of people aging 70 years old and older. Researchers found out that those who come into contact with the largest network of friends also seem to have a longer lease on life. The company and the friendship seem to help add years into life. The earlier the network of friends is built, the better its effect on adding more fruitful years to your life.

Have a positive outlook.

Keeping a positive mind not only helps make life easier to cope up with, it can also help add years to your life. A Yale study composed of senior adults showed that those with a more positive outlook on aging lived seven years longer than those who dread the days of deteriorating health brought by aging. A simple change of outlook in life can help a lot in determining if you live well into your age or not.



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