Common Symptoms Women Overlook

Some conditions bring along various signs and symptoms that women can easily recognize. But there are also some relatively common ones that women tend to easily ignore because they can sometimes grow accustomed to them or do not know what these symptoms might mean. Here are some of the more common symptoms that women may overlook and what they might mean.

Dry, Cracked Lips

It can be fairly easy for women to suffer from dry and cracked lips. Aside from dry and humid weather, cracked lips can come and go just as easily. Having a lip balm on hand can help soothe this problem. But there are some other things that dry and cracked lips may be telling your body.

Cracked lips, especially those that are located along the edges of the mouth can be a sign of a yeast infection in women. Human skin normally carries a certain amount of yeast. But having too much of it can cause cracks to form in the edges of the mouth especially in women.

Persistent Stomach Trouble

If a woman experiences a longer than normal stomach trouble that may include diarrhea, rectal bleeding or cramps, this may be a sign an inflammatory bowel disease. If the symptoms do not vanish for weeks, then it can become serious since it may show an increased risk of colon cancer. The same symptoms may also precede ovarian cancer in some cases.

Unexplained Jaw Or Throat Discomfort

If women suddenly feels some jaw or throat discomfort for no reason at all, it can be something quite serious. Such symptoms commonly appear in women before a heart attack. This is usually accompanied by nausea, sweating and unexplained fatigue. These are considered as the more common symptoms of heart attack in women whereas men usually experience classic symptoms such as chest and arm pain.

Bright Pink Gums

Bright pink to reddish gums may be a sign that there is damage beneath the gum line. It can be long term irritation or swelling that may not usually be caused by plaque or tartar. Bright pink gums may also mean that a woman may be prone to teeth clenching at night, which is a sign of being overstressed. Teeth clenching can sometimes put considerable pressure on the gums that may cause them to redden.



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