Coughs After Quitting Smoking

Some people find that that after they cough more after they quit smoking. Bu according to Edward C. Rosenow III, M.D. of the Mayo Clinic, this is a temporary problem and is no cause for alarm.

Repaired cilia

The reason why smokers cough more after they quit smoking is because the microscopic hairs or cilia that line the bronchial tube are repairing themselves. These hairs normally collect germs and irritants out of the airways. However, tobacco smoke temporarily paralyzes cilia.

When you stop smoking, these microscopic hairs begin to repair themselves and regenerate, thus resulting in coughing.

When to see your doctor

The coughing may last for a few weeks or a few months – until the cilia are fully recovered. To ease the coughing, try drinking plenty or water or take cough drops. If symptoms persist for longer than eight weeks or if the coughing brings up blood or disrupts your sleep, see your doctor.

Source: Mayo Clinic


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