What is Third-Hand Smoke?

"Third-hand" smoke refers to cigarette byproducts that stick to a smoker’s hair, clothes, and household fabrics like carpets, surfaces and other materials even after the secondhand smoke has gone. The term was invented this term to let people know about the harm these invisible toxins can cause small children who play on, crawl on, touch, mouth, and breathe near tainted surfaces.

Smoke-free zones

It is important to know cigarette smoke exposure can’t be eliminated simply by opening a window, using an electric fan or exhaust fan, or turning on your AC. The fact that you can smell smoke, even if you can’t see it means you are inhaling toxins and 60-plus other known carcinogens that are in cigarette smoke.

The only way to protect your kids and non-smoking adult family members is to prohibit smoking inside your house and in your car. Not only will this ensure that your kids and non-smoking family members are safe from the harmful toxins contained in tobacco smoke, it could also help smokers quit and lower the chances of your teens becoming smokers.

Source: Mayo Clinic


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