Eating Mushrooms May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

According to a recent study, eating mushrooms may help lower the risk of developing breast cancer in women. The findings was recently reported at the International Journal of Cancer.

The study involved 2,000 Chinese women from age 20 to 87 years old, with 1,099 of them also breast cancer patients. The rest were healthy women equally matched for age. Each participant was instructed to fill up a detailed dietary questionnaire that lists specific foods being consumed. The study results found out that those women who consumed a large amount of mushrooms regularly also has the lower breast cancer risk.

Those who ate the largest amounts of fresh mushrooms regularly, at 10 grams or more per day, were two thirds less likely to develop breast cancer as compared to those who did not eat mushrooms at all. Those who consumed 4 grams of mushrooms daily saw their breast cancer risk fall by half.

Although the study does not directly prove that mushrooms may be able to prevent the development of breast cancer in women, epidemiological studies do show that in breast cancer rates are four to five times lower in areas where the Chinese still follow their traditional diet as compared to those in most developed countries.



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