Surprising Reasons For Tiredness

Getting tired is quite a common occurrence nowadays. With more people having busy and hectic schedules to follow day in and day out, feeling tired at the end of the day seems normal. But there are times when people seem to feel tired without knowing the exact reason at all. Here are some of the surprising things that can make you feel tired.

Not Getting Any Sun

Sunlight seems to play a big role not only in your mood but also on feeling tired. Studies have shown that not getting enough natural light can get the body to go into sleep mode. Poor light exposure also seems to increase feelings of depression, irritability and anxiety especially during the winter where low light exposure is to be expected. Poor natural light exposure may also explain why you increasingly feel tired and moody during the winter season.

Sitting For Long Periods

Getting into the habit of just sitting all day long can also make you feel tired, even if you are not exerting any physical effort. Being sedentary can make you feel tired as the body equates stillness with that of sleep. Watching television at the same time can make you blink less which can lead to dry eyes and increase eyestrain. This can cause your body to go into sleep mode to put your eyes to rest. This explains why even doing nothing can also cause you to feel tired.

Irregular Sleeping Habits

Not following a regular sleeping schedule can also cause you to feel tired. Your body clock gets disturbed when you do not follow the same sleeping habits day in and day out. Going out partying all night in the weekends and then sleeping during the day can disrupt your body clock which can cause you to feel tired by the time Monday comes.

Mild Breathing

Mild and shallow breathing can also make you feel tired. Shallow breathing can result in your body not getting enough oxygen. If it goes on for too long, the body may not be getting the right amounts of oxygen it needs to function which can make you feel tired in the process.

Mild Dehydration

A lot of people can easily experience mild dehydration. If you feel thirsty at some point during the day, you might already be losing 2 to 3 percent of your body fluid. Not heeding your body’s call to take in fluid can further worsen the situation. Your body may not be able to get as much blood into the brain as it normally needs. This can cause the heart to work harder and your body to feel more lethargic and tired.