Common Women Health Mistakes

Women may have different experiences from men when it comes to their health. There are certain conditions that women may suffer that men don’t and vice versa. But it all comes down to proper care of health that matters for both genders.

In this type of hectic and busy life, women tend to forget taking care about their health. Sometimes they, may disregard certain healthy habits because of it, causing them to make various health mistakes. Here are some of them.

Following Friend’s Bad Health Habits

One of the more common health mistakes among women is by "following the herd mentality". Many women tend to be highly influenced by the habits of other women friends that they are very close to. It can be easy for women to follow their friend’s own habits just for the sense of having something in common with the group. Sometimes this habits can be quite bad for your health and the consequences may be serious down the line.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

It can be easy for women in the household to go on without getting enough sleep. Some may think that there is quite a lot of tasks to do in the day for sleep to be of any importance. This is especially becoming quite a problem among more and more career women. No matter how hectic your schedule will be, try to get enough time to sleep daily or long term sleep deprivation can increase your risk of heart disease, anxiety and depression.

Not Monitoring Weight

Most women tend to shun going to the weighing scales often mainly because they do not want to know the truth that they are gaining weight. This can be a mistake since it can usually lead to weight gain most of the time. The best way to break it is by getting into a weighing scale and try to find out how much you really weigh and to see if you now belong in the unhealthy weight category. Knowing your weight situation will usually lead you to action. It is usually the first step towards doing something about your own health and start the process.

Avoiding Weights Training

Lots of women avoid lifting weights in the gym for fear of developing "manly" muscles. But the fact is, the woman’s body predisposition does not usually allow her to develop bulky muscles unlike those in men. The best it can do is to give the body a more toned look. Not only that, the muscles may also help the body more flexible and less likely to suffer from physical injuries.


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