Common Cold And Flu Myths

The winter season has also brought along higher incidence of colds and flu for many people. Prevention and avoidance seems to be the best way to stay healthy during this time. Doing so would require you to know the facts about colds and flu as well as the myths around them. Here are just some of them:

Myth 1: You lose most of your body heat through your head.

Although it may feel that you lose a lot of body heat through your head during the winter, it only accounts for 10 percent of the loss in proportion to the rest of the body. But wearing a hat does help keep you warm and avoid losing much heat especially when its cold.

Myth 2: Going out in the cold with wet hair can cause the flu.

Another common myth that has been followed for years and years, going out with wet hair does not in any way cause the colds and flu. They are caused by viruses and not having your hair wet when going out in the cold. Going out with wet hair can make you chilly and may dilate the blood vessels and cause your nose to run. But it does not make you any susceptible to the cold and flu unless you are exposed to the viruses that cause them.

Myth 3: Feed a cold, starve a fever.

This old wives’ tale may be half-true. When you have a cold, you may need to eat nutritious food in order to boost up the immune system. Having a fever can get your metabolism to work overtime and you may need more energy. You might need to eat more to fight off the infection, not starve yourself. It is better to eat well and drink lots of fluids no matter whether you have a cold or a fever.


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