Natural Cold Remedies

With the cold and flu season ahead, it pays for people to be more careful from catching the virus and going down with it. Proper treatment may be required to avoid further spreads in case you might have the flu. If you wish to know more about possible home treatments for your cold, here are some natural remedies that are known to work.


This Asian herb is known more as an energy booster. But some studies have shown that ginseng might also work well against colds. Taking ginseng daily may help reduce the severity and duration of colds as well as prevent it from affecting others as well.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is considered to be the most widely studied alternative remedy to colds. Studies time and again have shown the benefits of Vitamin C as a way to combat colds or at least help in its prevention. Although study results have been mixed, a lot of medical experts still give stronger support to Vitamin C to fight off colds rather than any other alternative remedies.


Zinc may also have a way of helping ease the effects of the common cold. A 1996 study suggests that taking zinc lozenges may help reduce the duration of the common cold among people. But its use still may be something that may be up for your doctor’s recommendation. After all, too much zinc may also have its toxic effects on the body.

Nasal Rinsing

The practice of nasal rinsing is more popular among those who follow alternative and holistic treatments. But studies have shown nasal rinsing to be quite effective in fending off runny nose, cough and sore throat. Using saline nasal wash has been found to help ease cold symptoms, even better when used with standard cold medications.



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