Overeating Sugar Causes Wrinkles

Eating sugary foods may not only affect your waistline, it might also be affecting your skin as you age. If your wish to have smoother skin may be greater than your motivation to maintain your weight, this surprising fact may just help you curb your desire for sweets from now on. Overeating on sugar can cause your skin to become wrinkled and dull over time.

The link between too much sugar and wrinkles has to do with a natural process known as glycation. This enables sugar in the bloodstream to attach to certain proteins and form harmful molecules called advanced glycation end products or AGE’s. The more sugar you eat, the more AGE’s are produced in the body.

The AGE’s accumulate and them do damage to adjacent proteins, most vulnerable of which are collagen and elastin, protein fibers that keep the skin firm and elastic. Once they are damaged, the skin becomes more brittle and dry which then can lead to sagging and the formation of wrinkles. Not only that AGE’s can also deactivate the body’s natural antioxidant enzymes, leaving the skin more vulnerable to sun damage.

The way AGE’s may do damage to your skin may make you realize to cut back on your sugar intake. Although it may not be easy, choosing how you source out your sugar intake may help by eating more whole grains, fruits and vegetables that the body may also convert into glucose. Try to limit consuming foods containing simple sugars and only to around 10 percent of your calorie needs daily.


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