Strange But Effective Home Remedies

The home has become quite a good source of various remedies for just about any ailment and condition. Family histories may tell of certain home remedies that are being passed on from generation to generation. There might be strange as well as quite common home remedies that can either be effective or may also not. Here are some examples of those strange but also effective home remedies that you should know about.

Pencil For Headache

It is a long lived and common natural remedy for headache- just put a pencil in between your mouth and bite on it for relief. It may sound strange, but it is actually effective. Putting a pencil between your teeth ( but not biting on it) can actually help relieve stress and tension headaches. Such headaches are usually caused by strained muscles that connect the jaws to your temples. Putting a pencil between the teeth helps relax the jaw muscles which can eventually help lessen or relieve the pain casued by the headache.

Vodka For Foot Odor

It might sound strange that vodka may not be good for anything except make people drunk. But actually, it can also be used as an effective home remedy for foot odor. Wiping your feet with vodka can effectively get rid of smelly feet. This is because of the alcohol found in vodka that acts as an antiseptic. It kills fungus and other odor-causing organisms found in your feet. Vodka also dries out the moisture in the skin, preventing organisms to grow on it.

Apple For Whiter Teeth

Eating apples not only would give you vitamin A, it can also help make your teeth whiter. Chewing on an apple causes a natural cleansing action that works well on your teeth enamel, making them whiter in the process.

Sugar for Hiccups

Eating a spoonful of sugar is a remedy for hiccups. Sure, it might sound strange for some people, but experts believe that it is effective. Sugar seems to affect the nerve muscles that signals to the diaphragm to contract uncontrollably, causing hiccups.

Yogurt For Bad Breath

Although it may sound strange, eating yogurt is actually good for getting rid of bad breath. Yogurt contains cultures of good bacteria that may overcrowd into the areas in your mouth. As they continually grow and spread, they can make the environment unsuitable for odor-causing bacteria to grow in, which then prevents them from causing bad breath.


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