Surprising Reasons For Body Odor

Nothing can be quite as worrying as having unwanted body odor. It can become quite a problem to deal with, especially if one doesn’t know what causes them. Here are some common yet surprising reasons why you might develop some unwanted body odor.

Too Much Stress Can Cause Body Odor

If you are constantly under stress at the office, chances are that you may also suffer from bad body odor. The reason for this stem from the way the body reacts when under stress. The body, since ancient times has a fight or flight response when it senses danger. One of the effects of this response is increased sweating to prevent the body from overheating.

Even while times have changes and the stressors of today may not be as life threatening as before, the way the body responds still remains the same. Stress at the office can be enough to cause sweaty palms and underarms which may lead to body odor.

Cutting Carbs Causes Bad Breath

Losing weight may also have an effect on how your breath may smell. If your diet consists of cutting on carbohydrates, be prepared of experiencing bad breath. Cutting on the carbs causes the body to switch on to burning fats for energy. Although this can help you lose weight, it may also have an unwanted side effect.

When the body begins to burn fat for energy, it increasingly releases substances called ketones into the bloodstream. This can result in your breath having that certain awkward smell that you might not welcome. 

Spicy Food Causes Body Odor

Sure, you may already know that eating spicy food may cause you bad breath. But eating foods rich in garlic, onions, curry and other spices may also be the cause of your frequent body odor. The reason for this is because eating spices can also produce certain bad smelling sulfur-containing gases.

Although most of these byproducts are metabolized in the liver and the stomach, there are others that are unfortunately left out. By products such as allyl methyl sulfide are absorbed into the bloodstream and released through the lungs or through the skin pores. This may lead to body odor of which the effect may last for hours and hours after eating something spicy.

Not Toweling After A Shower

Who would have thought that not using a towel after a shower may cause body odor? Toweling yourself off after taking a bath may actually help you avoid BO. It can be easy for moisture to get trapped into the folds of your skin after a shower. This can become a good environment for fungi and bacteria to multiply especially in the areas where there is no access to air. This can eventually lead to body odor and irritation as they mix up with sweat.


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