Building Stronger Bones For Seniors

Seniors have the misfortune of having to experience getting brittle bones as they age. This can lead to bigger risks of bone fractures as well as developing osteoarthritis. The only recourse that seniors may be able to do is by trying to build up stronger bones. Here are some ways on how to do it.

Not Just Calcium

Seniors are most often told to take more calcium in order to ensure stronger bones at their age. But actually it takes more than just getting more calcium. Seniors also have to take more of other nutrients like magnesium and vitamin D since calcium works together with these in order to build up stronger bones.

Be Aware Of Calcium Robbers

Not only should seniors consider taking calcium for strong bones, they should also watch out for certain "calcium robbers" that may reduce the way their body may utilize calcium. There are compounds such as phosphoric acid that can drain the body of its calcium stores. Phosphoric acid is commonly found is both regular and diet sodas. Sugar may also have the same effect on calcium while low stomach acid can cause the body to absorb less calcium.

Regular Exercise

Aside from taking calcium and other mineral supplements for stronger bones, seniors may also need to do more exercise. It is not just brittle bones that can cause fractures in the elderly. Lack of balance may also contribute to such risks. Regular exercise can help in developing a better sense of balance in seniors. This can also help keep the muscles stronger in order to prevent fractures resulting from accidental falls.


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