Solutions For Chapped Lips

Chapped lips become a common problem during winter. They can become quite a hassle and may need immediate treatment before they become worse and lead to cracked and bloodied lips. Here are some possible solutions you can try.

Use Lip Balm

Lip balm continues to be the best solution for chapped lips. It helps keep your lips moistened and avoid it from becoming dry. Try to use lip balms that contain natural ingredients that do not dry out the lips. Avoid using lip balms containing petroleum since it can inhibit moisture on the lips.

Use Some Exfoliation

Although exfoliation may be the last thing on your mind for chapped lips, they might actually help you avoid having one. Exfoliating is a way to get rid of dead skin cells and make way for new ones to grow. The new skin cells around your lips will then aid in absorbing moisturizing products better that may help keep your lips from drying out.

Protect Your Lips

One way to avoid chapped lips is by protecting them before you go out of doors. Use a layer of lip balm or lip gloss to help reduce the moisture loss on your lips caused by the wind and cold temperatures. Don’t forget to use products that also provide SPF protection since the lips may also be damaged by UV rays that may cause it to crack and dry out.


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