Common Bad Health Habits

People eventually experience problems in their health mainly because of the bad habits that they have developed through the years. There are a number of common bad habits that many people seem to follow that usually lead them into years of suffering from poor health later on. Here are some of them.

Caffeine Habit

A common bad habit that many people follow and develop is getting too much caffeine. The wide popularity of coffee drinking has led to a lot of caffeine addicts who seem to start and end their day with that boost of caffeine. This habit can become quite bad since it may be hard to break the longer it takes people to follow it.

The bad thing about having a caffeine habit is that increasing caffeine intake can eventually put your nerves on edge. Caffeine dependence can lead to increased anxiety as well as a decrease in insulin sensitivity which can lead to a higher diabetes risk. A caffeine addict not getting their usual daily dose can experience headaches as well as fatigue and grumpiness.  This can affect mental performance as well as efficiency.

Smoking Habit

Although more people now are aware and understand the health risks of tobacco smoking, it is still a habit that still affects quite a percentage of the population. It is an addiction that is not just developed by the chemical component but also by certain social and environmental triggers. This is the main reason why a lot of people still go into smoking despite the risks.

The bad thing about smoking is that it is slow suicide. Each puff of smoke not only gives you that special kind of high but also certain poisons that are bad for the body. Even one cigarette can have quite an effect on the body. It can injure the blood vessels as well as bring in bad free radicals into the body that may cause diseases such as cancers to develop over time.

Boob Tube Habit

Watching television may not be considered as an addiction by some people. It is not mainly the actual habit that may cause the problems. It is actually what may accompany the hours and hours being spent in front of the boob tube.  

People spending several hours in front of the TV daily also risk gaining weight. Studies have shown that people who spent time being glued on the television are also likely to consume more food. People who spend around 19 hours a week watching television also increases their chances of becoming overweight by 97 percent. And with weight problems come a host of other health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.


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