Most Expensive Diseases

Having diseases can be very costly to treat. Some may require treatments that cost tons of money. Some gets expensive due to drug maintenance and for recuperation. The high costs can really take its toll over time. Here are some of the most expensive diseases that you might be unfortunate enough to suffer from in terms of expenses and medical costs.


Cancer accounts as the fourth most expensive disease in terms of costs, according to study estimates based on 2005 data. Treating different forms of cancers may entail different costs but they generally have surged over the years due to fewer effective drugs as well as specialized medicines aimed only to treat certain types of cancers. The growth rate of annual spending on this disease is pegged at 7 percent.


Believe it or not, the cost of treating trauma has surged over the years. From fractures to other forms of traumatic injuries, a bulk of the expense may stem from rising costs of diagnostic tests required. The way that such injuries are being treated individually may also be the reason why it may also be quite expensive.

Heart Disease

Heart disease remains the number one cause of death in the US. With many people being affected by this condition, annual spending has reached over $123 billion in terms of medical costs as well as preventive care. Despite this, the average growth rate of spending in treating the disease has gone down a bit than what was expected. The reason might be due to the fact that less people are smoking as compared to numbers during the 90’s.

Mental Disorders

With annual spending at around $142 billion, mental health disorders take the top spot as the most expensive disease category to treat in the US.  This category includes disorders from Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia to depression and other stress related mental disorders. The costs for treating such diseases are driven up mainly by the expensive new drugs and the lengthy care that most of the patients usually have to go through as part of the treatment. It doesn’t help that many people seem to develop mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s as they age.


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