Bad Ways to Fight Stress

Stress seems to be a constant problem is the modern lifestyle. It has become so common especially in the way people live in today’s society. And there are also many ways in which people try to fight off stress in order to stay sane and stable. But sadly, not all of them are considered good for you.

Fighting off stress the wrong way may lead to other results that may prove just as bad. You should have an idea on how many people may be fighting off the stress in their lives the bad way in order to avoid it yourself and suffer from the same consequences. Here are some of them.

Watching TV

It may seem quite a logical way for people to simply watch TV to fight off stress. Sitting on the sofa and watching TV seems to be a good way to relax. But overdoing it can also be bad. Studies have shown that increases in TV time may also lead to an increased risk of obesity as well as in developing other conditions associated with it such as diabetes.

Late Night Eating

Stress can make people feel the need to eat. Some may consider it as a means to relax. When you begin to do so during late at night, then it becomes a bad way to fight stress. Eating late at night to relax may work quite the opposite of what you may intend it to do. Late night eating can increase your insulin levels which can also increase your body’s ability to store fat. And since sleeping requires less energy, what you just ate is being stored in your body as fat. Do it for quite sometime and you will find yourself having to worry about your weight to stress you out.


Smoking is a common way to fight stress for a lot of people. It calms the nerves but is just too dangerous a habit to get rid of stress. People are no longer unaware of the dangers of smoking tobacco. It increases the risk of heart attacks and cancer. Smoking introduces other toxins in the body that may lead to a host of other health conditions. Despite its ability to calm the nerves, smoking is just plainly the wrong way to fight off stress.

Drinking Alcohol

Like smoking, alcohol consumption has become quite a common means people use to fight off stress. Although moderate drinking may have its benefits, there always lurks the risk that people may lose control over their consumption of alcohol especially the more stress that they have to deal with. And with alcohol being highly addictive, it may be very easy for people to develop an alcohol problem. Over consumption of alcohol not only affects your health but it can also destroy relationships. Think twice before you try to make alcohol as your own way to fight off the stress in your life.


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