Fat On Hips, Thighs and Bum Better For Health

A recent study may just give women something to be delightful about having their full-bodied figure. Researchers at Oxford University have found out that carrying fat on the hips, thighs and the bum in women may actually have certain health benefits as opposed to carrying fat around the waist.

The research showed that having a big bottom and thighs may be better than having the fat around the waist. Fat around the waist tend to release more harmful fatty acids into the body. Research shows that belly fat also releases molecules known as cytokines which can trigger inflammation and raise the risk for diabetes and heart disease.

On the other hand, the research also showed that fat around the thighs helps prevent these harmful fatty acids from getting into the liver and muscles which can be a cause of other health problems such as insulin resistance. Fat around the bottom and thighs may also have another benefit- it can release beneficial hormones that may protect the arteries and help control blood sugar.

According to Dr. Konstantinos Manolopoulos, one of three scientists behind the research which also has been published in the International Journal of Obesity, “The idea that body fat distribution is important to health has been known for some time. However it is only very recently that thigh fat and a larger hip circumference have been shown to promote health, that lower body fat is protective by itself.”

“Unfortunately, you tend not to get one without the other,” he further added.

Source: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/18/20100113/tuk-well-covered-bum-and-big-hips-good-f-a7ad41d.html