Thyroid Disease Linked To Non-Stick Chemicals

A recent study has linked a chemical that is also used for common consumer goods such as non-stick frying pans to possible thyroid conditions. It may raise some questions on how exposure to such chemicals may have potential health risks.

Researchers from Exeter University in the UK have found that people with high levels of perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA in their blood also experienced higher risks for thyroid diseases, conditions that may affect the body’s metabolism. PFOA is a common industrial chemical used in the manufacture of common consumer products such as non-stick cooking utensils, stain and water proofing coatings for carpets and fabrics.

The study involved looking into 3966 American adults 20 years old and above whose blood serum was tested from 1999 to 2006 for PFOA. The researchers found out that those with the highest PFOA concentrations in the blood were twice as likely to also report current thyroid diseases as compared to those with the lowest concentrations.

However, the researchers believe that the link between PFOA and thyroid disease may prove quite complex and may still require further studies to fully understand of the health effects of even low level exposure to the said chemical.

Source: us_thyroid_chemicals.html;_ylt=AkNtEMe8j6pPDYuYhEIDY8GmxbAB


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