Parent's Stress May Affect Your Child's Schoolwork

Stress in today’s society has become more prominent in various lifestyles more than ever. Its effect on the family has become an increasing concern. New studies on stress have even shown that its effect is not only limited to an individual.

Recent research suggests that the stress that parents who suffer from stress may be likely to pass it on to their children. Parents who are recently suffering from work burnout are likely to pass on the feelings to their children, as research that forms part of the FinEdu project at the Academy of Finland suggests.

The study showed that there might be a link between kids and teens suffering from school burnout with parents experiencing the same thing at work. The study involved 515 ninth grade schoolchildren aged 15 suffering from burnout. Cases of work burnout were obtained from 595 of the parents of these adolescents.

According to Professor Katariina Salmela-Aro, who headed the said research, "Experiences of burnout were shared most particularly between adolescents and parents of the same gender, i.e. between daughters and mothers and between sons and fathers. The parent of the same gender seems to serve as a role model for the development of burnout."



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