Myths And Facts About Hangover Cures

Hangovers have been a constant dread for those who party hard. Enjoying an all-nighter with booze always is accompanied with that concern of getting massive hangovers the next day. A lot of cures have been offered through the years to prevent or get rid of a hangover. Here are some interesting concoctions that works and some that most think works but doesn’t.  

Bacon Sandwich

There are some who believe that bacon sandwich may be a good cure for a hangover. Some believe that it is the bread that soaks up the alcohol. Apart from that, a recent study at Newcastle University’s Center for Life does suggest that a bacon sandwich may really offer relief from a hangover. But it does not do so by simply soaking up all the alcohol drank the night before.

A bacon sandwich, according to the study, contains lots of carbohydrates that can boost sugar levels and speed up the metabolism. This helps get rid of the alcohol quicker. Protein in the bacon contains amino acids that help recover the depleted neurotransmitters in the brain that was caused by drinking too much alcohol.

Isotonic Sports Drinks

Sports drinks also seem to be effective in relieving hangovers. Such drinks do so by rehydrating the body. Too much alcohol can cause dehydration which then can mean the loss of body salts and electrolytes as well as minerals. Sports drinks are known to be 40 percent more effective in rehydrating the body than water which can then help restore blood sugar levels faster.


Many believe that sweating out a hangover may cure it. But this doesn’t seem to be the case. Physical exercise the day after drinking too much alcohol may not work to relieve the hangover. It may even worsen the situation as the physical activity may further dehydrate the body and make the condition worse.

Black Coffee

Some believe that the caffeine in coffee may help relieve a hangover by improving alertness. But the opposite seems to be true. Drinking black coffee can actually make the hangover worse. Drinking water to rehydrate the body may be a better option.


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