Identifying Your Smoking Triggers

Smoking is a habit that can be quite difficult to get rid of. Overcoming it takes a lot of effort and time. One way to avoid getting into the habit again is by trying to avoid what triggers you to smoke in the first place.

Smoking triggers are simply conditions or situations where one may be compelled to light up a cigarette. Many people are quite oblivious of what may trigger them to smoke. That is why they usually find it quite hard to get rid of smoking simply because they haven’t identified what might trigger them to smoke.

Types Of Smoking Triggers

There are various types of smoking triggers common among people. But they can have different effects, which depends on the smokers themselves and how they react. Some may be easy to avoid while some may be brought about by certain things that can’t just be avoided that easily. Here are the common types of smoking triggers:

Emotional Stress

Emotions and how stress might affect it can trigger one to smoke. A lot of people react to stress by smoking as a means to relax. This common smoking trigger usually refers to negative emotions as a reaction to stress. But there are also instances that even positive emotions as a reaction to stress may also trigger smoking.

Exposure To Cigarettes And Smokers

Another smoking trigger may be a constant exposure to cigarettes and people who smoke them. Being in a company of friends or colleagues who are smoking may trigger one to smoke also. It may be brought about by feelings of trying to be part of a group doing a common activity together.

Environmental and Conditional Triggers

These types of smoking triggers are usually brought about by a certain situation or environment that one may be in. A smoker can easily grow into a habit of smoking after a meal. After some time, every meal may be associated with smoking afterwards. Such instances can trigger one to light up a cigarette or two automatically. These triggers usually strongest when one has just started to quite smoking and eventually weaken over time.


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