Causes of Workplace Stress

Workplace stress can affect your life negatively. The effects are not just limited to your place at work. It may also affect your overall life if it becomes unbearable. It can come from various changes that happen at work.

Increased Responsibilities

Stress at work can come as a result of being given new added responsibilities. With the workload increasing, one may now have to deal with more things and make work a bit more stressful.

Lack Of Control

Another possible of job stress is having lack on control over some tasks and duties. There are times when ones tasks are dependent on the actions of other co-workers and colleagues before they can be accomplished. Lack of control over such issues can be enough to cause stress at work that may affect different people in a variety of ways.

Poor Working Conditions

Considerable stress can come as a result of not having an ideal place to work in. It can affect you both physically as well as mentally. Lack of proper space as well as equipment may affect one’s performance on the job and cause stress gradually to people who usually have to bear with such conditions on a daily basis.

Lack Of Support

Some employees have to deal with a lot of stress on the job all by themselves which can usually be reduced with proper support from others in the same workplace. Lack of support over stressful tasks can easily affect anyone eventually which can cause job burnout