Lessening Stroke Risk

The incidence of stroke has become a major cause of concern. Stroke has become a major cause of death among people in the US. In fact, it has become the third leading cause of death where more than 143,500 deaths being attributed to stroke each year in the country. It is also the leading cause of long term disability in the US.

Although it may be hard to determine when a stroke will occur or who it affects, the risk factors associated with the condition may be lessened to a considerable degree. Some of these are brought about by following a certain lifestyle. Making the necessary changes can usually help lessen one’s risk of stroke over a period of time. Here are some of the ways that the risk of stroke can be minimized.

Maintain Normal Blood Pressure

Some believe that blood pressure is something that cannot be controlled as one age. But with stroke occurring at any age and can affect people at any time, trying to maintain a normal blood pressure is always a good means to lessen the risk of stroke. Lifestyle changes such as maintaining a healthier diet may help contribute to this.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is a bad habit that carries with it a number of unhealthy consequences and stroke risk is one of them. Aside from not smoking at all, quitting this bad habit may be the next best thing for some people to lessen their risk of stroke.

Take Aspirin

Aspirin is known to help thin the blood and prevent it from forming blood clots which can cause a stroke. Taking a daily dose of aspirin may help reduce the risk of stroke. But this should only done after talking with your doctor. Taking aspirin regularly may also have serious side effects if done without prior consultation with your doctor.


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