Natural Back Pain Relievers

Back pain has become a very common condition nowadays. A lot of people have complained about having this problem that may be brought about by the wear and tear of the tissues that support it. Some may consider taking medication to relief them of their back pain. But there are also other natural ways of trying to relieve the discomfort caused by back pain without resulting to taking medication that might have side effects.

Acupressure and Accupuncture

These ancient Chinese practices have been known to help relieve pain. They can also be used to help relieve the pain caused by a bad back. Acupuncture is the practice of using needles placed on chosen areas in the body known to affect certain functions in various ways. This can be used to help reduce the pain the body feels. Acupressure is a practice that is similar to acupuncture but without the needles. The fingers are used to stimulate certain areas of the body for pain relief.

Proper Exercise

There are cases where back pain may come as a result of poor back support. The back may have underdeveloped muscles to support it which may lead to feelings of pain in certain instances. Trying to work out these muscles to provide better back support may sometimes be enough to help relieve back pain. Regular exercise aimed to strengthen the back may help reduce the pressure on the back as well as the pain that might accompany it.

Ultrasound Therapy

A more modern approach to relieving back pain is through the use of ultrasound therapy. Ultrasound can be used to deliver deep heat through high frequency sound waves. In this type of therapy, ultrasound waves are transmitted to the skin by means of an ultrasound machine and into the deeper tissues. They can help reduce muscle spasm and lessen pain in the back.


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