Common But Potentially Risky Health Habits

Many people known to follow certain health habits that they may find quite hard to stop. Some of these habits may prove to be potential health risks. Some habits may be considered as relatively safe and healthy but actually may also be pose some type of risk in one way or another. Here are just some of them.

Brushing Teeth Too Vigorously

A lot of people may think that brushing teeth a bit harder than usual can be effective in keeping it clean and clear from dental problems. Many people have grown the habit of brushing their teeth too vigorously thinking that it will be good for them. But the thing is, doing so can actually be bad.

Brushing teeth too hard can cause injured gums and even your teeth. The damage can sometimes further worsen dental problems instead of improving them. It is better to use gentle pressure when brushing your teeth since it would have the better effect of maintaining clean and health teeth and gums. Flossing regularly would even improve the results.

Using Cotton Swabs On Ears

A lot of people may feel that regularly cleaning their ears using cotton swabs may actually be a healthy habit. Some people use it to clear out the ear wax, remove water inside the ear or even to scratch the itch inside the ear canal.  But actually, using cotton swabs to clean your ears would pose some risks that may affect your ears and hearing. Using cotton swabs may make it highly likely to push ear wax further down the ear canal, making them harder to remove and affect hearing eventually. Inserting cotton swabs on your ears may also pose a risk of damaging your ear drum.


People feel that the harder their efforts in exercising, the better will be the results for them. Regular exercise does provide health benefits. But too much of it can also be bad. Exercising too much too soon can easily cause more harm than good. It can cause muscles to tear up or injure the tendons. Over-exercising may also cause muscle pain and fatigue that would actually prevent you from continuing your exercise. It is better to go through gradual exercise to help build up your capacity to do more over time than by risking injury by exercising too much all of the time.


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