Effects of Common Unhealthy Habits

There are many unhealthy habits that many people are usually guilty of doing. Being aware of the damage they can cause can sometimes make people more aware of their dangers. It may even help them realize that they may need to change their ways. Here are some of the common unhealthy habits among people and the possible damage they can cause.


Smoking is a habit that can cause the most damage the longer they get. Years of smoking can have damaging consequences to your health such as the development of diseases like cancer, emphysema and more. But there are also immediate consequences that one can suffer from as a result of habitual smoking. Smokers usually suffer from chronic bad breath, discolored teeth and nails, chronic smokers cough as well as going around smelling of smoke. These might sometimes become quite irritating not only for the smokers but for those who are around them.

Bad Dental Hygiene

Not taking care of your teeth through regular brushing and flossing can lead to a variety of dental damage. This unhealthy habit can allow bacteria to flourish in your mouth that can then cause cavities that can damage teeth. It can also lead to gum inflammation and gum recession which will expose more of your teeth to damage. If not treated, it can eventually lead to periodontal disease and infection that may result in tooth loss.

Unprotected Sex

Sexually active individuals usually may find themselves engaging in unprotected sex and with multiple partners. This can be a very risky habit when it comes to health. Having sex with different partners and not using any protection can put one at the risk of contracting a number of sexually transmitted diseases. While some of them may only cause some physical discomfort that can be treated, there are also STD’s that may prove fatal when one gets infected. Unprotected sex puts one at risk of contracting HIV which can lead to AIDS. It can also put other sex partners at risk.


it can be quite easy for most people to get into the habit of heavy drinking. Risky drinking may be considered as having more than 4 alcoholic drinks daily for men and 3 for women. Eventually, this will lead to a number of disorders that may affect the heavy drinker as well as those people around him or her. Alcohol dependence can lead to lasting physical damage as well as affect family relationships.


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