Common Antibacterial Soap Ingredient a Possible Health Risk

The US Food and Drug Administration has recently posted information warning consumers of a potential health risk in a certain ingredient commonly used in antibacterial soap. The active ingredient triclosan which is found in many antibacterial soaps may have the effect of altering hormone regulation in animal studies. Other studies also suggests that triclosan may also contribute to making bacteria more resistant to antibiotics.

According to the FDA website, although the studies have not yet shown to be harmful to humans, further studies may be needed. "In light of these studies, FDA is engaged in an ongoing scientific and regulatory review of this ingredient. FDA does not have sufficient safety evidence to recommend changing consumer use of products that contain triclosan at this time," FDA says on its website.

Triclosan is an active ingredient that is mostly found in many antibacterial soap. But it is also an ingredient in the manufacture of other consumer products such as toothpaste, health and beauty products and even socks. What the FDA so far is able to do is provide a warning concerning triclosan and the possible harm it might cause. Pending further studies of the chemical, the FDA may not yet have sufficient evidence or not yet be in the position to try and alter consumer use of products containing triclosan at this point.



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