Foods That Can Disturb Your Sleep

Sleeping enough hours daily is important for your health. But there are times when this may not be possible. You might be experiencing inadequate sleep sometimes because you just can’t avoid waking up several times in the middle of the night. One of the reasons for this might be because of certain foods that you eat. Here are some foods that might disturb you in your sleep or make it harder for you to do so at night.


Some people may try to eat a bit of chocolate before going to bed. Eating too much can sometimes affect your sleep. Chocolate contains caffeine which can stimulate the brain and prevent it from relaxing. Chocolate also contains tyrosine which is a stimulating amino acid.

Spicy Foods

Eating spicy foods may also affect your sleep. Such foods may cause digestive disturbances that can disturb you in your sleep. They can cause heartburn or acid reflux as well as other symptoms that can wake you up at night and interrupt your sleep.

Preserved Meats

Eating bacon, ham, and other smoked and preserved meats at night can also contribute to sleep interruption. Most preserved and smoked meats contain the amino acid tyramine which triggers the brain to release norepinephrine. This compound is a brain stimulant that makes you feel alert and active, making it harder for you to relax or fall asleep.

Alcoholic Drinks

Although most people think that drinking alcohol before sleeping can actually help them sleep, the opposite is actually what happens. Alcohol may help some people relax, but its after effects can also cause sleep disturbance. Alcohol can cause dehydration and can increase your urge to urinate, especially in the middle of the night. This can be enough to disturb your sleep and rob you of some precious hours of relaxation.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are made to keep you alert and concentrate. They contain caffeine as well as taurine to achieve such an effect. Drinking them at night would surely cause you to have difficulties sleeping. Not only that, recent studies have also shown that drinking them even during the day may also have effects that would last into the night and might affect the level of sleep that you get later on.


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