Common Habits That Speed Up Aging

People would want to stay and look younger for as long as they can. If they can slow down aging, most people probably would. But some people may unknowingly be speeding up aging by the bad habits that they practice. Here are some of the common ones that may actually affect aging.

Insufficient Sleep

With modern life becoming more hectic, it seems that more and more people are sleeping less. It can be a habit that may seem harmless but actually may have serious consequences not only on aging but on your overall health. Lack of sleep in the long term has been linked to high blood pressure, diabetes as well as other conditions like weight gain and tiredness that can easily make you look and feel old. Breaking this habit by taking 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day can help your body recover and feel better and energetic in the long run.

Irregular Exercise

A lot of people seem to exercise only when they want to lose some extra weight. But after they have reached their goals, they tend to stop exercising altogether, maybe until the next weight gain. It can be a habit that can rob you of the many benefits that exercise may bring. And these benefits may mean more than just losing excess weight that many people may have associated most with physical exercise.

Regular exercise can help prevent certain health conditions like type 2 diabetes that may crop up over time. It also helps keep your body firm and flexible, making it easier for you to move and even feel younger. But in order to enjoy the benefits, you should know to exercise on a regular basis. The simplest you can do is try something that you likely enjoy doing. Try to be active on a more consistent basis, be it walking, jogging, cycling or even dancing.

Listening To Loud Music

Many people have made it a habit of listening to their favorite music on their iPods or other portable music devices. Most of them tend to jack up the volume quite excessively to enjoy it. Over time, this habit, although quite enjoyable, can actually cause gradual hearing impairment. It won’t be long before you have to strain yourself just to hear what a friend beside you is saying. Having to do so can easily make you feel and look old.

Prevention is the key to care for your hearing. Make sure that you try to listen on your favorite music at very manageable levels on your headphones. Bear in mind that headphones at 50 percent volume can reach sounds up to 101 decibels which is enough to do damage to your hearing.


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