Outdoor Exercise Can Boost Mood

Exercising can help a lot in keeping people physically healthy. A recent study has even suggested that exercise can even affect people in a positive, emotional sense. It seems that exercise can be used to boost up your mood when you feel down.

Although a lot have already been said about how exercise seem to help boost up your mood, a recent study might just have shown this to have some facts to support it. Outdoor exercise in as little as 5 minutes a day can actually be effective enough to improve mental health. Researchers from the University of Essex that outdoor exercise, which includes walking, gardening, farming and cycling can boost one’s mood and self-esteem.

There were various studies that have been conducted that suggested how outdoor exercise can help reduce the risk of mental illness and improve one’s sense of well-being. But no study has yet tried to determine just how much outdoor exercise time is needed to have this effect. Researchers Jules Pretty and Jo Barton who were lead authors of the study, sought out to know this fact further.

The researchers analyzed into data from 10 existing studies in the UK and provided by 1,252 people of different ages, genders and mental health status. The researchers analyzed different activities such as walking, gardening, fishing, boating, cycling, horse riding and farming. The researchers found out that the greatest health changes were seen in the younger participants and those who were mentally ill although the effects also applied at certain levels to all age and social groups.

What the researchers also found out is that the largest positive effect on self-esteem came from a five minute dose of exercise in a"green" environment. Although exercise in different natural environments showed benefits including exercise in parks and gardens, it is those areas with bodies of water that appeared to have a more positive effect.

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