Allergies and Cold Prevention

People can easily develop allergies and cold during spring season. With the changes happening to the environment at this time, allergens may fill the air and trigger allergic symptoms in some people. These allergies, if not take cared of, can lead to sinus infections. Here are some tips on how to prevent this from happening.

Do some spring cleaning.

The winter season may have brought dust and molds to accumulate inside your home. These are allergens that can easily trigger bothersome allergic symptoms. That is why spring cleaning is always important to remove these allergens inside the home. Focus on areas where dust and mold may easily accumulate such as in windows and bookshelves. Try also to consider cleaning damp areas inside the home where molds may develop. Make sure that you have sufficient protection such as face masks when doing your spring cleaning to avoid being affected by the allergen as you try to remove them.

Avoid the outdoors early in the morning.

If you are especially sensitive to pollen, keep in mind that it is not a good idea to be outdoors during spring. Knowing when these pollens are at their highest count in the air during the day can help you prevent being affected by them. Plants usually release their pollen quite early in the morning. That is why it is important to stay inside your home until at least late morning. Try to keep track of your local pollen count through various news sources to make sure that you can go outdoors at a time when allergens may not pose a risk for you.

Take a shower after going outdoors.

If you finally go outdoors, you might also consider what you should do after going back. Your clothes can easily collect tiny particles like dust and even pollen. These allergens can stick to the fabric as well as your skin and hair. They can find themselves back into your home. That is why it is important that you try to take a shower to clean yourself off after you go home. Change into clean clothes so that the allergens you may have collected won’t find themselves bothering you inside your home.


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