Tips to Lift Up Your Mood

bad moodEverybody may feel down one way or another. The difference is that how quick one can recover from a depressing mood and feel happier. There are actually some tricks that you can help lift your mood up when you need to. Here are just some of them.

Snack on nuts.

Eating nuts may help you avoid getting in a bad mood, at least that is what some studies say. Walnuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids and are known to make people less prone to depression. Eating nuts also seem to be make you easier to get along with.

Let sunlight in.

Light also seems to be associated with your mood. A dark room for example, can look gloomy and make one feel down. But when you try to introduce more sunlight into a room, it suddenly changes into a more lively and uplifting environment. You can help lifting up your mood by trying to let more sunlight to bring brightness into your room.

Use calming scents.

There are also some scents that seem to help lift your mood up. Studies show that some people like the smell of oranges while others like lavender to help lift up their moods. Their scents seem to help relieve stress in people. Try using the same fragrances in your room or office whenever you need to pick up your mood or when you are in a stressful situation.

Take a walk.

When you’re in a bad mood, one good way of lifting your spirits up is by taking a walk. Brisk walking can help lift your mood up the same way that exercise does. Studies show that mild exercise, one that increases your heart rate by 40 percent, can be enough to lift up your mood. Taking a walk outside is also a way to get more sunlight which can also help boost up your mood.

Meet with upbeat friends.

One way to quickly boost up your mood when you need it is to surround yourself with happy people. Upbeat personalities tend to become contagious and can rub off on you. Meeting up with such friends can help you get out of your bad mood and feel a bit more cheerful. It would be a better idea than just staying at home alone and brooding by yourself.