Silent Stress Signals

Everybody experiences certain levels of stress now and then. Stress can be quite normal and may actually be beneficial as long as they don’t affect you too much. But when one becomes overstressed, it can be a very different matter.

Being overstressed can have serious effects on your health. They may come over time the longer one feels too much stress. The problem sometimes is that it can be quite hard for some people to know whether or not they are already overstressed. Here are some of those silent signals that may help you tell that you are.

Having weekend headaches.

The body releases certain chemicals in order to cope up when under stress. The body may become accustomed to them after a time. A sudden drop in stress that might trigger them will also prompt headaches. This can happen especially during weekends when one is relatively free from stress.

Experience worse allergies.

If you are experiencing worse allergic reactions than what you are accustomed to before, chances are that you might be overstressed. Stress hormones may stimulate the production of lgE, a type of blood protein that can cause allergic reactions.

Craving for sweets.

Having and increased craving for sweets may also be an indicator that you are overstressed. A study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that there is a relatively small difference between chocolate cravings between pre- and postmenopausal women. This may rule out hormonal changes as the sole factor for such cravings. Researchers believe that stress may be one of the factors that might trigger cravings for chocolate in women before and after menopause.

Bleeding gums.

Having bleeding gums might also be an indicator that you are overstressed. Stress can bring about the production of the stress hormone cortisol. Elevated levels of this hormone may impair the immune system which can allow bacteria to invade the gums and cause gum problems.


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