Four Bad Habits Worsen Mortality Risk

There are a number of unhealthy habits that people know can seriously affect their health. But how serious would the effects be if these bad habits are put together? Scientists have recently discovered that people who follow four known bad and unhealthy habits can risk having their life span lessened by more than a decade.

A team of researchers at the University of Oslo in Norway sought out to study four common behaviors that are linked to illness and a shorter lifespan . More than that, the team, headed by Dr. Elizabeth Kvaavik wanted to study how these behaviors may affect people if they are found together since most people may exhibit several poor lifestyle habits.

The team studied four main factors in both men and women- smoking, drinking alcohol, lack of fruits and vegetables in the diet and lack of physical exercise. These factors were examined for their links to several causes of death. The study involved interviewing 4,886 adults living in the United Kingdom between 1984 and 1985. Each participant were evaluated and given a "health behavior score" where one point was assigned for each of the four risk factors studied.

After 20 years, the researchers report that 1,080 of those surveyed had died. When the researchers looked into those who exhibited all four of the unhealthy behaviors being studied, they found out that the risk of death caused by cardiovascular disease or cancer was three times greater than the risk for those who exhibited none of the unhealthy behaviors. Those found with the four lifestyle factors were also four times more likely to die from other causes and had an overall mortality risk similar to that of an individual 12 years older.



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