Tips to Cut Heart Disease Risk

Heart disease has become a major cause of death around the world. Poor lifestyle choices and diet seem to play a big role on the worsening of this condition among more and more people. The only way to prevent it is to work towards maintaining a healthier heart. Here are some tips that might be useful.

Choose Heart Healthy Fat

If you need to include fat into your diet, make sure that you choose those that are good for your heart. Check the labels for foods that contain saturated and trans fats and try to avoid them if you can. These types of fats can raise the levels of LDL cholesterol that clog your arteries.

Try instead to use more heart-healthy fats such as those found in olive oil. Healthy fats help lower bad LDL cholesterol and raises good HDL cholesterol. Olive oil can be use as substitute for the more common but unhealthy vegetable or corn oil.

Take More Time for Sleep

Lack of sleep has become more common today among many people. This may have contributed to the increase of heart disease risk along with stress and poor diet. Taking time to have enough sleep can actually help lessen your risk of developing heart disease. Even an hour of sleep added to the nightly sleep average among middle aged people can help reduce the risk of coronary artery calcification, a major cause of heart disease, by as much as 33 percent.

A 20 Minute A Day Walk Works

Regular exercise can also help reduce the risks of heart disease. Even a 2.5 hour weekly average of exercise can reduce heart attacks by one third. This amounts to a 20-minute daily walk, which is more than acceptable and convenient for most people to follow.

Take Vitamin D And Fish Oil

Taking your daily dose of vitamin D and fish oil supplements may be vital for helping keep your heart healthy. Vitamin D has long been known to help keep the heart healthy. Fish oil contain omega-3 fatty acids that help lover blood pressure and triglyceride levels,

slow down plaque build up in your arteries and ease systemic inflammation among other things. An Italian study even showed that Fish oil may be more effective in preventing death in heart failure patients than statins can.


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