Common Everyday Foods That May Be Risky

Common everyday foods become a staple and a main source of nourishment for many people. Most of them are considered by most people as safe. But there are also a number of common everyday foods that might just pose a risk to people if eaten. Here are some of them.


Alcohol is a common beverage and recreational drug. Considered legal almost all around the world, alcohol is already known to have many harmful effects but still a lot of people enjoy having it once in a while. Even though some may be quite careful not to drink too much, it is not the only risk that alcohol may pose. There are many deaths caused by choking with one’s vomit while unconscious and intoxicated than with people experiencing toxic blood alcohol levels.


Another common stimulant known the world over, caffeine may also have certain toxic risks posed among those people who may not be aware of its danger. Although normal, coffee consumption would pose minimal risk to people, too much of it can result in an overdose. It usually takes 5 to 10 grams of caffeine that would result in toxic levels which normal coffee consumption alone cannot provide. But the existence of highly potent energy drinks that contain high amounts of caffeine can make it more likely for people to overdose on the substance.


Not many people may think that potatoes may pose a toxic danger. But this common staple food may also be a poisonous risk if its green colored version is eaten. A green colored potato contains glycoalkaloid poison which can be very toxic to humans when ingested. Stems and leaves of the plant may also have traces of the poison and should be avoided.


Tuna is a commonly used as a healthier alternative to animal meat by some people. While eating it directly may not cause problems, what this fish may ingest can. Tuna is known as a bottom feeder fish that may easily ingest mercury in the ocean, a very poisonous element. Ingesting mercury can cause damage to the brain as well as the kidneys in the long term. It is therefore also good to keep track of your tuna consumption.


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