Revolutionary Ingredients To Fight Skin Aging

Both men and women both yearn to look and stay young way beyond their years. This is more common among women with their penchant of taking care of their skin. Skin aging is something that naturally happens to everyone. But in the fight to delay it is something that science have continually been studying. The results have led to the discovery of several new anti-aging ingredients for the skin. Here are some of them:


Activinol Technology aims to try and activate Activin, a molecule known for its key skin repair functions. Activin helps recreate fresh skin and helps reverse the signs of aging. And since wrinkles have been known to develop as a result of micro-injuries to the skin, Activin may help prevent it by repairing the damage.


Kinetin is a plant-base antioxidant that has been discovered to hold a number of anti-aging properties. It helps increase the moisture retention properties of the skin as well as improve the appearance of the skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Copper Zinc Malonate

The minerals copper ans zinc have long been known to work together in restoring the skin’s elasticity and build up collagen. When combined with newcomer malonic acid, the combination helps stimulate the production of new skin cells. It also helps restore skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


This revolutionary ingredient helps make the skin look plump and making fine lines and wrinkles less visible. This ingredient helps attract water into skin cells and making them able to hold 1,000 times their volume. This restored moisture that even reaches into deep skin helps make it look more firmer, radiant and plump.


Sirtuin is a type of protein enzyme that scientists have discovered to promote better looking skin. Sirtuin has been found to help repair skin and promote collagen production. Not only that, lab studies of this enzyme have shown that it also helps extend the life cycle of skin cells, making them look younger for a longer period of time.


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