Foods For Healthy Heart And Gums

Medical experts have recently found out that the health of your gums may somehow be related to your heart. Studies show that people with gum disease are twice as likely to also suffer from heart problems. For this reason, doctors are coming up with the message that dealing with one problem may help people avoid the other.

The link between dental and heart problems may stem around the effects of inflammation. Medical experts believe that for a certain amount of inflammation, there may be bound to be some breakdown somewhere else in the body. One of such instances, experts believe, may be the relationship between the gums and the heart.

Regular exercise and stress reduction seems to help provide anti-inflammatory effects. But aside from that, certain foods may also offer to help protect the gums as well as the heart. Here are some of them:

Green Tea

A 2009 study has shown that Japanese men who drank a cup of green tea daily have a substantially lower incidence or risk of gum disease. It is believed that antioxidants in green tea known as catechins may hold the key. Catechins are known to block the body’s inflammatory response to the type of bacteria known to cause gum disease.

Whole Grains

According to an American study, men who ate 4 servings of whole grains or more daily also reduced their risk of developing periodontal disease by 23 percent. Carbohydrates found in whole grains are digested more slowly by the body as compared to refined or processed varieties. This causes a steady rise in blood sugar levels which can avoid sudden spikes of blood glucose levels. This results in the body producing less inflammatory proteins which, in turn, can help lower the risk of both heart and gum disease.


Unknowingly, most people may think that raisins are not good for your teeth since they can be sweet and sticky. But surprisingly, research shows that raisins may actually be good for oral health. They contain antioxidants that might help prevent the growth of bacteria that can cause inflammation and gum disease.


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