Study Suggests Acid Reflux May Be Disrupting Sleep

A small study suggests that chronic acid reflux may be causing people to lose up on their sleep even when it doesn’t lead to heartburn symptoms. The small study was undertaken by researchers from the Southern Arizona VA Health Care System based in Tucson. The study involved 39 adult patients suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD and nine adults without the said disease. The participants were made to undergo some overnight sleep monitoring with a wrist device to record their movements. A probe was also placed into the esophagus in order to measure instances of acid reflux. The researchers found out that those who suffer from GERD tend to wake up more often at night than the non-GERD participants. Those who suffer from the said digestive disorder wake up at an average of three times each night as compared to only twice for the Non-GERD group. Around 90 percent of the GERD patients woke up at least once during the sleep monitoring with around 52 percent associated with an acid reflux episode. About 78 percent of the non-GERD group woke up at least once. But what was surprising with the study was that most of the GERD participants woke up not mainly because of experiencing disturbing heartburn symptoms. More often than not, their sleep seem to be disrupted even if they do not feel any uncomfortable symptoms related to acid reflux. The findings may suggest that GERD may be contributing to poor sleep more than what was previously expected and may be caused by something else aside from heartburn symptoms. Source:


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