Diet Mistakes That Affect Metabolism

For people to lose excess weight effectively, they should have a good body metabolism in order to process and burn fat. Having a slow body metabolism can make it easy to pack up excess pounds over time as well as affect other bodily functions. One of the main reasons for slow metabolism may be due to certain diet mistakes. Here are the most common ones:

Eating mostly white carbs.

White, processed or refined carbohydrates are easily absorbed by your body. The fact that they go through several processes cause them to lose many vital nutrients as well as most of the fiber contained in whole grain. White carbs are essentially calorie rich but nutrient poor as food. It would be better to add more whole grain carbs into your diet which may also help boost up metabolism.

Lack of protein in your diet.

Research has shown that protein may enable to boost up calorie burning by as much as 35 percent after meals. Having less protein in your daily diet can rob you of this metabolism boosting function. You can try to add up more protein in your daily diet to help increase your body metabolism.

Not eating enough.

Simply eating less food than what your body needs daily can affect your metabolism. It puts the body into starvation mode to conserve energy that will lead to a slower body metabolism. Eating enough is always a better option than eating less in this case.

Avoiding caffeine.

Although caffeine may be known to have some effects that may not be as good to some, there might also be some surprising beneficial side effects. One of them is boosting your metabolism. Since caffeine is known as a stimulant, it can boost up your metabolism by 7 to 8 percent.


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