Surprisingly Common Areas Where Germs Thrive

Harmful microbes and germs can lurk in almost any environment. The problem is that they usually remain unseen and hidden. It can be difficult to know where they may be silently wrecking their havoc. It does not help that such germs can also be found in various places commonly exposed to most people. Here are just some of those common areas where germs may lurk.

Bar Snacks

It may be quite a common activity just eating snacks offered at the bar. But imagine just how many hands that have come into contact with the snacks before you put your hands into them. Harmful germs may easily transfer from one person to another this way.

Magazines In Clinics

Waiting for your appointment with your doctor may give you sometime to kill at the waiting room. This may lead you to read the magazines prepared especially for waiting patients. But most clinics may be unaware that it may be easy for microbes to transfer from one person to another. The worse thing about it is that most people coming to the clinic may surely be carrying some microbes and viruses that may easily be contracted by another. Magazines may be just one of the common contact points where these microbes may contaminate.

Day Care Centers

Day care centers may also be a potential area where germs may easily spread. Baby diapers and toys can get easily mixed. Toys can end up in kid’s mouths. Adults picking up used diapers can bring germs along with them. There are just many things happening at day care centers that make it quite an easy place for microbes to spread.

Restaurant Menus

Considering that restaurants are frequent places where people meet to eat, the restaurant menus can be an easy place where different microbes can accumulate. As they go from one eating patron to another, they might carry germs and gets transferred as other people handle the menus. It can even get worse as people eat finger foods along the way.


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