Sneaky Things That Ruin Your Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight is a continuous struggle for most people. Staying in shape requires trying to make use of everything related to losing weight into one’s favor. But this can sometimes be quite hard to do especially when there are some things that people don’t really know can make their effort even more difficult. Here are some of those sneaky things that can easily put your weight loss efforts to ruin.

Long-Term Stress

Too much stress can make losing weight even more difficult for you. Long term stress can lead to an increase in cortisol levels that can trigger the body to store more fat. The longer this happens due to long term stress, the more fat is accumulated that becomes added weight.

Insufficient Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can also make it harder for you to lose weight over time. Giving your body less time to rest and rejuvenate can also affect your weight. Insufficient sleep that becomes a habit can inhibit the body’s production of growth hormones. This can lead to premature middle age symptoms to appear such as abdominal obesity, reduced muscle mass and strength as well as lesser capacity to exercise.

Wrong Set Of Friends

Some people may not be aware of it, but your friends may consciously or unconsciously make your weight loss efforts even harder. Going out may lead to eating junk foods or too much of it. Getting together with your friends who may sometimes deliberately sabotage your diet by tempting you would not do any help to your weight loss program.

Significant Other

Although it might not be something that is deliberately done, but your wife or husband may sometimes also be a factor why weight loss efforts may become even more difficult. One research found out that men and women stand to gain six to eight pounds on average during the first two years of marriage. One possible reason is that there is a lesser need to impress one’s partner after marriage. Another thing is that couples may develop certain rituals together that would contribute to the piling up of those pounds such as watching TV or movies together or just simply enjoying idle time at home.


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