Surprising Reasons For Body Odor

Many people do not like the issue of body odor. It can be quite a problem if suddenly find themselves smelling “funny”. There are various reasons why people smell. Here are some of the common yet surprising ones.

Eating Spicy Foods

Spicy foods are known to cause body odor. The reason behind this is that spices like curry and garlic produce sulfur-based gases when digested in the body. While some of these gases are metabolized in the intestines and the liver, there are some that are released through other means. By products such as allyl methyl sulfide are absorbed in the bloodstream and are expelled by the body through lungs and pores that results in body odor and bad breath.

Cutting Out On Carbohydrates

Some people try to lose weight by cutting out on their carb intake. Although it can lead to weight loss, it might also result in another thing- bad breath. Cutting out carbs can lead the body to burn fat stores for energy. This can result in the body releasing compounds known as ketones into the bloodstream which can cause your breath to smell funny.

Not Toweling Off After A Shower

Not properly drying off after a shower can also cause body odor. The moisture after showering can get trapped into the folds of the skin. This can become a good environment for odor causing bacteria and fungus to thrive in.

Too Much Stress

Getting under serious stress for lengthy periods can also contribute to body odor. Stress, or too much of it, can eventually cause the body to sweat more than usual. The moisture produced can cause bacteria to thrive and cause unwanted body odor.


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