Common Health Hazards At Home

There are quite a lot of health hazards everywhere you go. But it gets worse if such hazards are not being addressed at home. One of the main reasons for this is that a lot of people may not be able to easily recognize them despite being common at home. Here are some of such health hazards that can be found in most homes.

Front Doorknob

That shiny front doorknob may look deceivingly clean to you. But considering that quite a number of hands may have handled it several times throughout the day can give you an idea of it possible harboring harmful germs. Front doorknobs can be home to viruses that can survive for several days. It can be the first place where cross-contamination may occur in the home.

Salt And Pepper Shakers

Who would have thought that ordinary salt and pepper shakers at the dinner table can also be health hazards? This is true especially if the same condiments are also used in the kitchen. Bacteria from raw food like chicken and meat can find their way into the containers which end up going to the dining table.

Shower Curtains

Even shower are known as potential health hazards. Studies suggest that most shower curtains and liners are made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC. This material may release potentially harmful chemicals that may have a significant effect on health. Trying to stay away from such chemicals makes good sense health-wise.

Kitchen Sponge

It has already been known that the ordinary kitchen sponge can be home to quite a number of household germs and microbes that may be potentially harmful to health. It can be home to as many as 20 million microbes at any time, making it quite a serious health hazard. Even the way that most people use to kill those microbes does not necessarily work that well. Studies show that soaking the sponge in a bleaching solution, lemon juice or water will not totally kill all the harmful microbes and germs in the sponge. The best way to do it is by putting the sponge inside the dishwasher or using the microwave for one minute set on high.


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